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Our goal is to help our readers find the products that best suit their needs.

We use this review process for each product category. This process enables us to compare similar products in a fair way.

Mats Maatson
Moa Rana
Moa Rana

Table of Contents

1. Research


Before we purchase and try out the product, we do research about the product in question.

We look at the product website, examine how the company communicates, and how they market their product.

We look at available payment plans and survey what features are included in the different subscription options.

We investigate whether it is easy to understand what is included in the plans, and what you actually get when you buy the product.

Is there a refund policy if you are not satisfied?

2. Purchasing the product

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When we are done with our research, we buy the product.

If the product has different payment plans, we choose the plan that we think is best suitable for our readers.

When we buy the product, we look at:

  • User friendliness and transparency
  • Payment options (the more the better)
  • Hidden fees
  • Extra features
  • Offers

3. User-friendliness

The first thing we do after we purchase the product is to evaluate the user-friendliness.

Is it easy to get started?

Is it simple to understand how to use the product?

When we have gone through and tested the entire product, we settle on a rating between 0-100 based on how user friendly it is.

4. Features

feature testing

Now it’s time to have fun!

We assess and evaluate all the features. In the process we go through and try out the features one by one

We take screenshots and record videos while testing, so that we can explain and show you how the product works.

When we have finished all the tests, we give all the features an overall rating between 0-100.

5. Specific tests

Some types of products require us to perform specific tests.

It can be anything from measurements to collecting data about or from the product.

For a web host, you’ll want to know if there are frequent disturbances, and how fast pages load.

For a VPN service it would be interesting to know the expected connection speed, and for an audiobook service it can be interesting to know how many books there are in different categories.

So now we evaluate various unique features that can give our readers important insights about the product.

6. Customer Support


As always when it comes to technical stuff there are problems, such as bugs, that might arise.

Therefore, we also take a look at how the customer support works for the different products.

We investigate what contact options there are (the more the better).

What support languages ​​are available?

Is there a database with frequently asked questions?

Is there a support forum where other users have already asked questions?

We then give the support an overall rating between 0-100.

7. What do other experts say?

what do others say?

Because we want our readers to find the products that best suit their needs, we also look at what other experts say about the product.

We go through a lot of reviews and tests to pick out those that come from credible sources.

We then present their rating of the product, and a small summary of their motivation for the raiting.

We do this because we want our readers to get reliable reviews from multiple sources.

8. Our rating


Finally, it’s time for our overall rating.

Here we compile the different ratings that the products have received above, and summarize for a complete grade.

The product then gets a rank in its product category. This makes it easy for our readers to find the products we think are the best ones in each category.

We also compile a list of pros and cons compared to other products in this category.

And finally we provide a list of who might benefit from this product, and who should avoid buying it.

Mats Maatson

CEO of Evolving Media, the company behind Comprd. Dad, entrepreneur and computer nerd. Has a background in web development and a Computer Science degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Moa Rana
Moa Rana